Indebtedness and Capital Markets


Gross debt on March 31, 2018 stood at R$12.6 billion, composed of 88.7% long-term maturities and 11.3% short-term maturities and with 71.5% denominated in foreign currency and 28.5 in local currency. The percentage of debt denominated in foreign currency, considering the adjustment for derivatives, was 112.5%.

Net debt on March 31, 2018 stood at R$9.3 billion (US$2.8 billion), compared to R$9.5 billion (US$2.9 billion) on December 31, 2017. Foreign-denominated net debt was 112,5% dollarized on March 31, 2018.

Suzano contacts debt in foreign currency as natural hedge, since net operating cash generation is denominated in foreign currency. This structural exposure allows it to contract export financing in USD to match financing payments with receivable flows from sales.

Suzano has a conservative risk management policy that prioritizes cash generation. That means we seek to match the dollar inflows that we receive from our exports with debt payments contracted in U.S. dollar. The surplus dollars can be partially hedged (up to 75% of foreign exchange exposure over the next 18 months) using plain vanilla instruments matching with dollar inflows.

Suzano actively and expressly demonstrates its commitment to deleverage sustainably and to adopt adequate and efficient structures and costs for its market positioning and operating and managerial capacity.

Index Exposure on 03/31/2018

Debt ON 03/31/2018

Amortization Schedule (R$ million)

Net Debt (R$ and US$ million)

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Capital Markets

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Currency Dollar
Principal Amount US$ 189,630,000 (original amount: US$ 650,000,000)
Issuance Date September 16th, 2010
Duration 10 years
Coupon 5.875%
Issuance Price 6.125%
Maturity January, 2021
Coupon frequency Semiannual
Currency Dollar
Principal Amount US$ 500,000,000 + US$ 200,000,000 (Re-Tap)
Issuance Date July 14th, 2016 | September 05th, 2017 (Re-Tap)
Duration 10 years
Coupon 5.75%
Issuance Price 5.875% | 4.625% (Re-Tap)
Maturity July, 2026
Coupon frequency Semiannual

Green Bonds Annual Report - 2017 - Green Bonds - Annual Report 2017

Prospecto  - Green Bonds - Use of Proceeds Report (2017)

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Currency Dollar
Principal Amount US$ 300,000,000 + US$ 200,000,00 (Re-Tap)
Issuance Date March 16th, 2017 | September 05th, 2017 (Re-Tap)
Duration 30 years
Coupon 7.00%
Issuance Price 7.375% | 6.300% (Re-Tap)
Maturity March, 2047
Coupon frequency Semiannual
Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables "CRA"
Currency Real
Issuance Amount R$ 675,000,000
Issuance Date June 29th, 2015
Duration 4 years
Remuneration 101% CDI
Maturity June 19th, 2019
Interest Frequency Semiannual

Prospecto - Prospect

Currency Real
Issuance Amount R$ 600,000,000
Issuance Date April 13th, 2016
Duration 4 years
Remuneration 98% CDI
Maturity April 13th, 2020
Interest Frequency Semiannual
Rating brAA

Prospecto - Prospect

Currency Real
Issuance Amount R$ 300,000,000.00
1st serie: R$ 200,000,000.00
2nd serie: R$ 100,000,000.00
Issuance Date June 28th, 2016
Duration 1st serie: 10 years
2nd serie: 9 years
Remuneration 1st serie: 97% CDI
2nd serie: 97,5% CDI
Maturity 1st serie: June 29th, 2026
2nd serie: June 30th, 2025
Renegotiation 1st serie: every 2 years
2nd serie: every 3 years
Interest Frequency Semiannual
Currency Real
Issuance Amount R$ 1,000,000,000
Issuance Date November 25th, 2016
Duration 8 years
Remuneration 96% CDI
Maturity November 25th, 2024
Renegotiation In the 4th year
Interest Frequency Semiannual

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